Lush’s Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb

I don’t often buy products from Lush, mostly because I don’t tend to go shop in-store often and I’d much rather smell the product than buy it online. But when I went shopping the other day, I thought I’d treat myself to a few products I hadn’t tried before. One of which being the Jelly Bomb in Snow Fairy. Snow Fairy has been a scent that Lush have used for a while now, but the Jelly Bomb’s are still fairly new and all the craze at the moment, so I was intrigued.


The pink bath bomb has such a sweet smell, almost bubblegum like, and it definitely sticks around all day so I was pleased. The bath bomb has glitter mixed in but it’s not a crazy amount so you don’t spend the following three days finding glitter on your body and in your bathroom. The colour and patterns created in the tub were beautiful and I spent far too long watching it all dissolve and taking photos that my bath started going cold by the time I got in it.


The bath bomb itself left my skin feeling really moisturised and soft and I didn’t have an allergic reaction; which is a bonus for me and my sensitive skin. However, I do have one flaw with the bath bomb… The jelly of mine seemed to come out in clumps and stick together like small jelly balls rather than become a liquid and move freely throughout the bath. It wasn’t the strange jelly experience I was hoping for.

Will I be buying more Jelly Bombs? Maybe. I’m hoping it was just a bad experience and that another try will let me get a more rounded opinion on whether these works like they say they should. But I can tell you that I will be buying more Snow Fairy scented products this Christmas because it is a gorgeous smell.

Have you tried out the Lush Jelly Bombs? What did you make of them?



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