Primark Glitter Eye Cream Palette

I spotted this in Primark on my lunch break at work a short while ago and I’ve been wanting a great glitter palette for a while; and at £4 I thought ‘why not’ and snatched it up. The palette comes with 28 different shades ranging from pink to blue to silver to gold. It has everything you need for a night out, a party, a cosplay or whatever you fancy.

The colours look so pigmented and vibrant, so I’m sad to say that price tag matched the quality. I couldn’t get any colour from the palette to my eye. Here’s a hand swatch of 5 different shades to show you what I mean. (Excuse the Christmas pj’s as my background)

It is such a shame that this palette didn’t come through like I was hoping it would. It would be a bargain at £4! I guess it’s time for me to keep looking; any brands you can recommend?

Also if you have had a different experience with this palette, please let me know! Maybe I’m applying it wrong.




  1. Hey Toni,
    I bought this pallet too, I think I bought a brighter version, I had the same experience, I had to put a base coat of like Grey (good quality) eye shadow, before apply this primark one then it actually shows up (sometimes) xxx

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    • I tried to dab with it on Halloween and still couldn’t pick up much pigment sadly. But I’m gonna keep trying, I want to make use out of it! I definitely don’t want it to go to waste. Thank you for the tip ❤️ x


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