Top 10 Favourite Queens

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m obsessed with RuPaul’s Drag Race and that I literally do nothing but watch it, listen to the Queen’s music and watch videos of them on Facebook and YouTube. So in the run-up to Season 9, airing this Friday on VH1 (exciting!!) I thought I would share my top 10 favourite Queens on all seasons so far and their most sickening looks (All Stars included) *Please note that these are my personal opinions and I don’t want to feel as attacked as Leganja did okurrr?*

10: – Raven – I love Raven and her sassy bitchy comments and the way she paints her face. I think she is a flawless Queen. She really knows what works for her and what doesn’t.



9:- Sharon Needles – First time I watched Season 4, I wasn’t feeling Sharon. Second time around I loved her. She just pulled out all the stops to win and regardless of her and Phi Phi’s feud, she rocked it.


8:-Thorgy Thor – I was late onto the scene with season 8 but when I did catch up, I was all about Thorgy. She truly captivated me and I was rooting for her. During her lipsync against Chi Chi Devayne, I was gagging – one of those moments I was hoping Ru wouldn’t send either of them home.


7:- Alaska – Hieeeeeeee! I have a love/hate relationship with Alaska. I love her and her drag style so much that I genuinely envy her so much. She is one of the most creative Queens who literally does make an outfit out of anything like Candy Floss (below) or a plastic bag.


6:- Tatianna – Choices! Tatianna had me LIVING on All Stars 2. *See me with them hands* During her original time on Season 2, I thought she was one of the best, but then All Stars 2 happened and she slayed.



5:- Alyssa Edwards – This Queens kills me. She’s not a comedy queen but everything she says has me dying. Plus those death drops, and those tongue pops. Yes Mama.

54 b

4:- Latrice Royale – Chunky yet funky, large but in charge. I’m Latriceeeeeee Royale. That’s all. *Get those nuts away from my face* 


3:- Katya – I’m sure I’m not alone in my love for Katya, to me she’s flawless. She’s funny, she’s down to earth, she knows what she’s about. She was robbed on season 7, and she was robbed on All Stars 2 but that’s okay because I love her all the same.


2:- Adore Delano – Obviously, I adore Adore. I don’t think I know a drag race fan who doesn’t love her. She’s quirky, she’s fun, she’s young, she’s cute (in and out of drag). She don’t need to cinch, she loves her hog body. Adore is full of personality that it’s hard not to love her.

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 7.11.31 PM

1:- Bianca Del Rio – If I have one dream, it’s to meet this shady bitch and get her to read me to filth. I don’t care if I start crying! Bianca has me in stitches no matter what. I’ve watched Season 6 about 5 times now and her lines never get old. Truly my favourite queen.



Of course no list would be complete without Mama Ru, so here she is in all her glory. 


Who are your favourite Queens and who do think will make top 3 of season 9? I’m rooting for Sasha Velour, Farrah Moan and AJA.


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