Harley Quinn Mystery Box

I’m not usually one to buy mystery boxes as I know that I will most likely get something I don’t like or want in it. (Excluding my Pop in a Box subscription) But when I saw that Loud Clothing were selling Harley Quinn boxes I couldn’t resist. 

Anyone who is close to me will know that my latest obsession is Harley Quinn and that the obsession started out of the blue. (It’s probably because of the suicide squad movie, if I’m being honest.) I’ve literally set myself of goal of trying to collect as many Harley Quinn funko pop’s as possible without breaking the bank too much and everything I see I just want to buy. This box was no exception.

Advertised as a box containing 2 tshirts, a collectible figure and accessories; I thought I’d give it a try. Loud Clothing priced it at £35 which I thought was a bit steep but I’ve seen boxes more expensive. The description claimed the total price of products in the box would come to a total of £60 if brought separately so I thought fuck it and made the purchase. 

First of all, Loud Clothing do not mess around with shipping. I ordered it on Wednesday afternoon and it was here Friday morning at 9am! Talk about fast delivery! Here’s the box itself:- 

Inside I received exactly what was described. Here’s what I got:- 

All in all, I’m fairly happy with what Loud Clothing sent me; though I probably won’t use anything but the headphones and tees. I adore the comic book style tshirt, I’ve already worn a million times! 

Check out http://www.loudclothing.com for more mystery swag boxes. I think I may be making another purchase soon … 


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