Pop in a Box – October

Another month is here and another Pop in a Box subscription has arrived and this month no damages to either pop! Hooray! 

I absolutely love the Sauron pop and actually screamed when opening the box. Lord of the Rings is one of my all time favourite movie collections and this Sauron pop is so detailed it’s brilliant. I mean come on, on Funko could make Sauron look cute?! 

The second pop I received is Happy from Fairytale which I’m assuming is an Anime. I’m not a big anime fan and haven’t watched Fairytale myself but Happy is adorable and much smaller than other pops I own so I’m still pretty happy with this. No swaps this month! 

I’m am a much happier subscriber this month as neither of the pop boxes or the pop themselves were damaged. They’re in mint condition and I can’t wait to proudly display them in my home. Thank you Pop in a Box, can’t wait for next month already! (I wish I got these weekly instead of monthly) 

If you want to try out Pop in a Box for yourself, use the link below and receive 20% off your first months subscription.  



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