September Beauty Haul

Lately, I have become a massive makeup and beauty addict. If you follow me on Instagram you’ll probably have seen my endless selfie’s that have been going up in the last month or two. I have spent a tone of money this month on makeup and beauty products so I thought why not make a small blog post with some quick reviews about my favourites.


First up, I made an unexpected purchase of a nude lipstick from the Rimmel London brand, Kate. I’m not a nude lipstick person, I like to be bold and stand out when wearing my lipsticks but I thought that maybe it was time to have a toned down style for when I may need to look more professional. The shade I opted for is number 45 and is a slightly lighter yet more pink shade compared my lips themselves. The formula is super creamy and so easily to apply. I have another Kate lipstick in shade 30 that I brought about a year ago so I knew what to expect.


I’ve not used a new mascara in a long time. I’ve been living off free ones from my mum’s Avon samples for years and this is the first time I’ve purchased one from a store directly so I thought I’d make a safe choice and go for Maybelline’s Go Extreme waterproof black mascara. So far, so good. I have no complaints except that my eyelashes don’t really go “extreme”. I have fairly long eyelashes as it is but usually adding the smallest amount of mascara gives them a little more life and thickens them out. Might have to finally invest in some fake eyelashes!


I’ve already posted about my Beauty Bakerie lip whips, and you can read about them here, but I couldn’t leave them out. Especially not my favourite Watermelon Slushie; though I keep wanting to call it Watermelon Soda like the Jeffree Star liquid lip. After getting used to the formula of the liquid lips, I have fallen in love with them! They are so pigmented and they really do last all day; but you gotta keep those lips hydrated or it will begin to crack along with your lips.


Another Rimmel product that I’ve used before is the Stay Matte long lasting pressed powder. I’ve brought this product loads of time in the past and sadly I always end up breaking either its packaging or the product itself usually because I think I should take it out with my every time I go clubbing and then I always drop my bag on the floor. It makes my skin look smooth and stops any unnatural shine from coming through. I use it mostly when I’m at work on a busy weekend night shift.


Charcoal face masks are everywhere right now so I brought one from China for £1.60 with free postage (winning!) and tried it out. You can read my review about it here and see a photo of me crying whilst peeling it off because I am a wimp.


I am a Birchbox subscriber and I enjoy the products they send me, but I rarely fall in love with them. However, September’s box had me LIVING. This all in one moisturiser and primer is simply great. I use it every morning without fail, even when I’m not going to be wearing makeup because it makes my skin flawless. It smells like Rose Water and it doesn’t leave my skin feeling oily, what more could a girl want?


Last but not least is a second item from my September Birchbox. It is a highlighting kit by Model Co in shades Champagne, Peach Bellini and Bronze. I’m not a big highlighting person and my contour skills haven’t been perfected but I live for this at the moment. I cannot complete my look without it. A bit of Champagne and Peach Bellini on my cheek bones and I am done. It such a smooth creamy formula that I love putting it on. May have to invest in a full size of each.


What are you favourite makeup and beauty products at the moment? Are there any you think I should try out? Comment and let me know. 


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