The inspirational star in my life

Today is day three of a blogging challenge that I am taking part in called Trigger Your Blog and the prompt for today is to talk about someone who inspires and motivates you. My motivator and inspirational person in my life may seem typical and cliche but it is my mum. Conveniently, this post is being published on her birthday so it is extremely fitting.

My mum has been my rock since day one and I couldn’t have asked for a better woman to raise me. My mum was a young mum, she had me during her teenage years but that didn’t stop her from throwing herself head first into motherhood. She still finished high school, then went to college and then went to university and gained her degree. She did everything everyone else her age was doing, but she was doing it whilst working 2 jobs and raising a child. Of course, she did have the help from my grandparents but she took it upon herself to make sure I had everything I needed and more. As I was growing up, before she met my stepdad, she spoiled me rotten and made sure I always smiling. There was never a dull day. I remember dancing in the kitchen and the hallway to the music tapes she made me; playing games together in the living room; days out together to the beach and parks and everywhere a child would want to go.


Life didn’t change much when she met my stepdad, in fact it probably got better. Here was a man who loved my mum unconditionally and did not care that she had a 5 year old crazy kid who demanded everyone’s attention all of the time. He loved me and took me under his wing as his own. But this post isn’t about my stepdad, or dad as I call him, even if he is just as amazing.


My mum has had three more children since meeting my stepdad and I never thought three small cheeky monkeys could be so damn lovable. When my first sister was born I was 11 years old and the teenage years were coming up fast and I did have to grow up a little bit faster to be a good role model. But mum made it so much easier. She understood my tantrums and my attitude problems. She made sure that I didn’t hang around with the wrong group of people and made sure I did well in school. Finishing school with the best grades possible was her priority. She has always wanted me to have the best life possible and has always wanted me to succeed and still does. She is my biggest fan and motivator.

My mum is the kind of mum I inspire to be like when I start my own family. I want to be able to give that same unconditional love and care to my children as she gives to me and my siblings. I hope and pray that I am half of the mum to my own children as she is to hers. She is the perfect example of how teenage pregnancy doesn’t mean giving up your life or living off the council. She is the non-stereotypical teenage pregnancy story that I’m more than happy to share with the world. I could talk all day about how much of a beautiful, kind-hearted woman my mum is, but I’ll stop. I’ll leave you with this:- my mum is my best friend and is the most beautiful person in the world. There is nobody I could love in this world more.



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