Why I became a blogger

I started blogging about three years ago on a different site when it was part of my University course. I studied journalism so it made sense for us all to blog and to start getting our voices heard; but that day I fell in love with it and I have been blogging ever since.

When I first began blogging I focused solely on music and my favourite genres to blog about were rock and metal music, believe it or not. It was hard for me to keep up; alongside my assignments and nights out at uni I just wasn’t feeling the vibe of it and I’ve been a scatty blogger ever since. That’s why I started my blog here. This is like my second chance blog and so far it’s been great.

Since starting this blog, let’s call it blog 2.0, I have been falling in love with writing all over again and have had so much fun writing up beauty pieces, reviews, previews and all kinds of other stuff. The main reason behind starting this blog was to make sure I wasn’t constrained to write about one singular topic because I’m not interested in one singular topic. I have a broad range of interests from heavy metal music to everything pink and girly. I originally wanted to make this site about my opinions on big news stories and to relay my thoughts on what the media had to say but there are far too many to choose from. So now I look at the trends in magazines, trial makeup and beauty products and leave my reviews for all to see.

For me, blogging is about expressing myself and making sure my voice is heard which is the same for any aspiring journalist out there. Blogging is a platform where I can write what I like and pray to god that someone, somewhere enjoys what I have to say. I remember being the girl on Tumblr and Twitter reading through blogs by girls I looked up to and saying “gosh I wish I was a blogger but I have nothing interesting to say”. Deciding to take the plunge one day was the best thing I ever did, even if it was to get a better grade on my degree. But now it is so much more!




One comment

  1. I love how you have such a wide range of topics you are interested in, I am so glad you have come back to blogging as it sounds like you have so much to share 🙂


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