Review: Black Head Xiuzilm Mask

Charcoal face masks are everywhere at the moment and the reaction videos are some of the funniest videos to appear on my Facebook timeline. (After today I’m joining in with the pain.) So I decided to purchase at cheap Chinese blackhead face mask for £1.60 off Ebay. With free P&P, I wasn’t really expecting much from the product and I wasn’t too fussed if I didn’t like it.

I am honestly super happy with this product. Assuming I applied it correctly, (I don’t read Chinese) the product goes on with a lot of ease and you don’t have to apply too much to create a nice thick layer on the skin. It doesn’t have a distinct smell of anything except a generic face mask.

Leaving it on for roughly 10 minutes and making sure it had dried, I peeled from the top of my face to the bottom. This was a decision made after reading other bloggers and avid beauty users discussing how to manage the pain easier to manage but boy was I wrong. The pain didn’t really begin until I started peeling from my cheeks and chin. The nose area and forehead were completely painless. You can quite literally see the pain in my eyes in the next photo.

The English translation of the product online says to use the product 2 to 3 times a week so I’m definitely going to try my best to keep that up. My skin automatically feels softer and less oily, but the blackheads are still noticeable. Hopefully a few more uses and I’ll see more of a changeable difference in my skin.



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