Pop in a Box – September

After buying my first two pops, I have been so eager to buy more. I want to complete both my Suicide Squad and Hannibal sets but also to collect a hell of a load more. This was what made me subscribe to Pop in a Box.

Opting for the second subscription option (2 pops a month for £20.88 with p&p) I was so keen to find out what my first box would contain. And here they are!!!

142 – Space Cadet (Duck Dodgers) 

104 – Buttloose Tina (Bob’s Burgers) 

I’m slightly upset though as my Tina box has come damaged due to damage on the packaging itself. I don’t think this is a fault of Pop in a Box themselves but from Yodel who delivered the parcel. It was clearly thrown about in the van. 

I’ve got some pops on pre-order for the next month plus the two mystery pops I get sent. Let’s hope next month I don’t have any damaged ones. As for September’s mystery pops, I am happy and buttloose Tina is absolutely hilarious.


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