Hawaiian Cheesecake Lip Whip

I love lipstick. I mean I am forever buying new shades and trying out new brands. The latest brand I tried is an Instagram favourite, Beauty Bakerie. Brought through beauty site Cult Beauty, these liquid lipsticks had a £16 price tag plus postage. To make it worth while I purchased two lip whips in shades Hawaiian Cheesecake and Watermelon Slushie, sadly they are only slightly different shades of pink and not what they looked like on the site. Thus far I have only worn Hawaiian Cheesecake.

My first impression of Beauty Bakerie and it’s lip whip is that it is extremely hard to get on. I exfoliated my lips before hand and then applied. However, the formula is really sticky and takes a while to dry. My only other liquid lip is Jeffree Star, a brand known for its ease of application and quick drying formula. One thing they do have right is that they package their lip whips beautifully and I honestly could look at them all day long.

After applying around 8 layers of the formula to my lips I was finally happy enough to wear it outside the house. To my surprise the liquid lipstick was kiss proof, drink proof and eating proof. Not a single smudge all day. And the sticky feeling left after a while and it became a must nicer feeling lipstick.

I’m going to give the brand another go, maybe I was applying it wrong. I’ll have to see if the Watermelon Slushie is really just a slight shade lighter than Hawaiian Cheesecake. However, Beauty Bakerie is definitely is a brand worth trying if you’re a liquid lipsticks fan like me because it did save me around £20 on the usual shipping and customs charge I’d get buying from America directly.



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