Morphe Brushes Plum Palette

This pay day I treated myself to a new eyeshadow palette to try to enhance my makeup skills. After browsing the internet for the a few hours I decide to purchase this 35 colour Plum Palette by Morphe Brushes and ordered it from Cult Beauty.

First of all, look at how beautiful this entire palette is and how pigmented are those purple shades?! I usually wear a lot of nude colours on my eyes as an everyday look so I could not wait to try and sneak in the purple in there somewhere.

My first test on the palette I used a glittery purple, a matte dark brown, glittery gold and nude/cream. As you can tell, I have almost no clue what the shades are called but they are perfect none the less. I honestly found it hard to apply the colours and to blend them but then again it’s probably down to my skills not being amazing; I’m no Jeffree Star. Here’s the look I created. (I got angry with my eyeliner)

I absolutely love the colour blend and how it looks with the rest of daily makeup look. I think I can get on board with added some pinks and purples into my everyday look.

The Cult Beauty packaging also was perfect. I know that lately a lot of brands have been under scrutiny about products turning up damaged due to lack of protective packaging. This product turned up bubble-wrapped TWICE, in crate paper, in a thick cardboard box with a postage bag on top. Might seem a little excessive when other brands use a lot less and their product is fine. But when the product is something as delicate as an eye shadow palette, you can not take any risks. I will be definitely using Cult Beauty again.


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