Check it out!

So this isn’t a typical blog post for myself, it’s more of a plug to advertise my mum’s personal website called One Stop Mum’s Shop.

It’s a small family run business that sells everything from school supplies, to fancy dress costumes and everything in between that kids could possibly want! The best thing is, most things you can find on the site will cost you twice as much at a general retail store.

The quality of the products is great, and the cost of the them is even better. Plus with it being a family-run business, you never have to worry about it taking weeks to arrive. Trust me, my mum literally lives at the post office sending stuff out!

If you’re a mummy or daddy and are looking to get the school supplies cheap rather than spending a fortune have a look at my mum’s site. Hopefully you’ll see something you like! (Just a warning: the hairbands are selling out super quick!)

Twitter: onestopmumsshop

Facebook: Onestopmumsshop

Instagram: onestopmumsshopuk



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