Pop Vinyl Joker & Wendigo

So for months I have been going on about buying Pop Vinyl figures and looking online at sites like Forbidden Planet to find out which ones I want the most. So last week when I went took a day trip to Southampton with my boyfriend, I just couldn’t resist going into store and buying my first two.

Anyone who buys these figures knows that once you Pop you just can’t stop (I’m sorry that was awful) There are literally thousands to collect and you will want to complete all of your sets just to be able to show off that you have.

My first figure is the Jared Leto Joker. I honestly really enjoyed the Suicide Squad movie; and even with limited screen time I thought that Jared Leto really made the Joker into his own. He made him more of a modern day gangster with some added psychopath. And he still looks gorgeous somehow, AM I RIGHT?!

The Joker Pop Vinyl

The figure I picked out was the Joker in his tracksuit bottoms that we see in the Empire Magazine front cover. Sadly the beautiful purple jacket was not included, but he looks awesome already.


Empire Magazine Limited Edition Cover

The second figure I decide to purchase was the Wendigo from the TV series of Hannibal. I had been contemplating buying this one for some time and was going to order it online a few weeks beforehand but never got around to it. My boyfriend claims that it is his figure and he chose it but he won’t admit he likes Pop Vinyls so in reality it’s still mine. (Just admit you like the figures and you can own him)

Wendigo Pop Vinyl


It wasn’t until recently, when I became close with some newer members of staff at work, that I heard about Pop Vinyls and I really didn’t know what the craze was about. Well, now I do. They are really well designed and include so much detail that they are hard to fault. And the fact that you can customise your own is pretty awesome too. Sadly, I’m not a creative person so I won’t be doing that.

My next order is looking to be:-

  • The Little Mermaid
  • Harley Quinn – Suicide Squad
  • Jon Snow
  • Daenerys

What is your favourite Pop Vinyl you own and have you completed any sets yet?



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