Three day break 

After a stressful period of trying to move house and then moving in with my boyfriend’s parents; a three day break is exactly what I needed. In all honesty, it was my sister’s birthday and I had the time booked off before all the stress began but it was still the perfect excuse to get away. I came back home from Portsmouth to Surrey and spent my three days spoiling myself. 

Day 1: Girls Night! 💅🏻💄

I haven’t seen my two best friends in a very long time. I saw one a few times over the last year, but the other was in Germany and none of us have ever been at home at the same time. Even Christmas was a passing visit. So we had the perfect excuse to have a girly night out. We hit Kingston for dinner and went to the Hungry Horse for a traditional pub dinner and ordered ourselves some cocktails. It was so nice to catch up and talk about everything that had been happening in our lives for the past year. There is no better feeling than spending the evening with two girls who know you better than anyone else in the world. We laughed, we had emotional talks and we shared new memories and next month we share our 10 year friendship anniversary. I cannot wait. (I had the biggest hangover the next day and literally thought I was dying, thanks girls❤️) 

Hot Mamma burger with chips, onion rings, fried jalepenos and coleslaw
Fruit Salad Cocktail (just for me)
Bubblegum Ice Cream topped with M&Ms and Whipped Cream

Day Two: Sister’s Birthday🎈🎉🎁

My sister turned 9 on the second day of my break and she was definitely spoilt. Our parents took all of us up to London in the afternoon and we wandered around Southbank. My brother and I excited to catch Pokemon; because London is literally one big giant Lure Module. My sisters excited for the theatre show in the evening. My mom happy that she had all her children together in one place and not arguing. My dad happy that we made it out the house on time with very few tantrums! 

London at night

Before the theatre, my parents had booked at table at Covent Garden Restuarant Fire & Stone for my sisters birthday meal. The food was amazing and I had myself a Texas pizza which is basically a BBQ base pizza with steak, onion and fresh herbs. Exactly what the doctor ordered. Sadly I didn’t stop to take a photo! (After having a hangover all day I was ready to eat my weight in pizza) 

Pre-London selfie with the birthday girl

The theatre is one of my favourite activities in London. There isn’t a lot that can beat it and no matter what show I see I will always tear up at the end because I hate to see the musicals end. (I mean I cried at Wicked but that’s understandable.) 

This time we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory; and whilst it was based on the Tim Burton remake, it was still a brilliant musical which we all enjoyed. For my brother and sisters it was hard to see the whole stage from our seats but that didn’t stop them smiling and dancing the whole way through. It is a truly fabulous evening out for the whole family to enjoy. 

Day Three: Travelling back 🚝😔

The last day of a holiday is never fun. It the day of packing and rushing about to make trains etc. But the good part of today is that I managed to get some tickets for myself and my boyfriend to go and see the rapper Lil Dicky in November on his Dick or Treat Tour. 


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