Pokemon Go: it’s taking over my life. 

Like every one else in the entire world, I am totally obsessed with Pokemon Go right now. Here’s my Pokedex count so far. I’ve seen 87, and caught 84. Not a bad ratio but I definitely need to up my game and soon if I want to catch any rare Pokemon.  

I cannot walk anywhere, go out for lunch/dinner or have a conversation without wondering if there are any new Pokemon nearby. Sadly, I’m not really that great at it and I’ve not explored outside my neighbourhood yet so my top Pokemon aren’t as impressive as others. Take a look. 

My Golduck is my prized possession, I mean I literally raised it from a shitty CP Psyduck and have been powering it up every day since evolving it. My Golduck also won me my first gym battle because yes I’m rubbish and I don’t battle in gyms much. I much prefer collecting all the Pokemon and trying to improve on their CP levels. 

My next top is my Tentacruel; another Pokemon I evolved rather than caught. I mean I literally spent 3 days down the beach catching Tentacool’s just to evolve the damn thing. I ended up so sunburnt I couldn’t sleep properly. I ended up getting so stressed when I only needed 1 more candy to evolve and no Tentacool’s were showing up anywhere. Took me a further 2 days to find another one; which seems to be my luck when close to evolving. I had the same problem with Venonat and Goldeen. 

I spent 5 days hunting for a Scyther after missing out the chance to catch one; whilst my boyfriend sat there and got it in one Pokeball. I used 6 Razz Berries, 10 Pokeballs and 5 Great Balls before my phone froze and the Scyther ran away. Luckily down the beach 5 days later I managed to see one on my nearby radar and actually tracked it down somehow! (Damn the footsteps not working and making it near impossible to find anything worth hunting) 

However, if you are from the South Coast of England and part of the Facebook groups for Pokemon Go in this area you may have noticed us Portsmouth based players moaning about how many god damn Magnemites and Voltorbs are in the area. Literally I cannot leave my house without catching at least 5 within the first 15 minutes. I’ve actually begun ignoring them so that I can concentrate on less common Pokemon that appear in my area. There is at least 2/3 of each nearby at all times of the day. I have never been more annoyed by seeing a Pokemon but it does mean I can evolve them to quite high levels I suppose. 

However, despite the lack of some more rare and powerful Pokemon in my Pokedex I am 1 candy away evolving my second Eevee after catching a Flareon. I am also 3 candies away from evolving my Polywhirl. 

But I cannot be the only one frustrated at the fact that a Magikark needs 400 candies to evolve. I mean, I live by the sea and I still haven’t caught enough yet! (I’m slowly getting there) 

Pokemon Go really has taken over my life. I cannot go a day without playing and I’ve spent at least £50 in the time I’ve had the game on more pokeballs, lure modules, bag upgrades and lucky eggs. I put an incense down when I’m laying in bed at night to make sure I don’t miss out on any Pokemon lurking nearby! I also have to check out all 5 gyms nearby on a regular basis to see if any of my friends have done me proud and taken over a gym. (Mostly so I can tell them when it’s been taken back and watch them take it back again). To finish my ramble over nothing, here’s my stats (as of 28/07/16) and my first gold medal (cheers Magnemites)

What’s your level, favourite Pokemon and highest CP Pokemon? Share your medals and achievements with me in the comments. 


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