Unicorn Blood v Prom Night

Last week my first ever Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick order arrived and I have been alternating between the two colours almost daily.

I ordered the popular reddish-brown Unicorn Blood and vibrant pink Prom Night; 2 very different colours and go with two different styles. 

First of all, I absolutely love Jeffree Star and have been a fan of his for years. However, I’ve never been able to purchase his cosmetic line due to how expensive it is to ship over to the UK. But I thought fuck it this month and splurged on two liquid lipsticks I’ve been wanting for ages. (Next step, watermelon soda because omg it looks beaut) 

Unicorn Blood is my favourite of the two. The pigment is amazing and I’m a big fan of dark lipsticks. (Thanks 2009 emo me) Honestly, Unicorn Blood is perfect for me and the style I have. I like to be alternative and this dark blood red colour is absolutely perfect at enhancing that.

However, I do love being girly so Prom Night fulfills this. It is possibly the brightest pink lipstick I own. Usually I would buy a lighter, almost nude, shade of pink. That is, if I was to buy one at all. Prom Night is vibrant and I love it. 

The liquid to matte lipsticks are high quality and honestly worth the price tag. The lipsticks stay on almost all day, I had a few issues when eating the first few days. But I’ve learnt to always carry the lipstick around with me to top up after lunch and dinner. 

The wait for the cosmetics to arrive is definitely worth it! It only took roughly 10 days to ship to me in the south of England! 

The liquid lipstick is $18 (£13 ish), the shipping is $10 (£7 ish) and the customer charge was £12.97. So for one lipstick you’re looking at a cost of £32.97 but hey it’s Jeffree Star and it’s totally worth it. But when will I get my Gemini and Androgyny shades?! I can’t wait for the next restock. 



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