The 7 stages of hell (graduating)

Graduating is scary and awful and nobody likes to think about it; except maybe those who have a graduate job lined up. These are the seven stages all third years will experience when the graduation date is just around the corner.

1- Wondering whether or not you actually want to work in your chosen degree field anymore.

giphy (2)

2- Realising that you have almost zero hours left to write your dissertation, then panicking and doing 3 consecutive all-nighters to get it finished on time to only realise that you know nothing about the subject you’re writing about.


3- Looking at how much it is to hire your graduation gown and hat, then having to pay for tickets for your family and photos for them to show your extended family and to post on Facebook.


4- Buying tickets to your graduation ball, which is basically an over-priced evening at the student union.


5- Realising that you’re probably never going to hang out with all your friends at once for a while (not until someone gets married at least)


6- Finishing your final exam/assessment and wondering what the hell you should do with your time.


7- Remembering that your must now be an adult, get a full time job and pay back all of your student loans.



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