Ivy Park: Reviewed

So student loan rolled around and so did the release of Beyonce’s Ivy Park active-wear clothing line; which means I totally splashed out and brought a couple of items.

Totalling to £70 with student discount, I felt excited that I’d managed to grab something before it all sold out at my local Topshop and of course I immediately put the clothes on when I got home.

I purchased the “V” mid-rise printed ankle leggings (£45) and the logo mesh tee (£35). I really wanted the mesh jacket too but sadly my local Topshop didn’t have any in stock. (Adding that to my birthday wishlist this year)

The leggings, brought in a large, are actually super comfy and don’t feel like there holding your legs in place. I could bend and move freely. I’ve had leggings in the past that have ripped after one use; so I was really hoping these leggings wouldn’t be like that. The double layering on the leggings makes it almost impossible to accidentally rip; and adds some extra warmth on cold days.

The mesh top is also pretty free feeling. I haven’t yet been brave enough to wear it outside the house with only a sports bra on but when I’m at home and relaxing it is pretty comfy. The top is super baggy and when I was buying the range I didn’t think this through. I got a medium and it’s like a large on me.

The mesh top and legging outfit I’ve created from the Ivy Park range honestly gives me a strange confidence boost and makes me feel great even when I’m not working out. I could laze about at home eating junk food and still not feel bad about myself; but that’s more due to the fact that’s Beyonce’s range than anything else.

Was Ivy Park worth the money? Damn right it was.



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