The Whole She-Bang

So for the last month or so, I have been trying and testing all of the products that came in the Limited Edition Soap and Glory Whole She-Bang gift set. Originally RRP was £60 in UK store Boots, but during the after Christmas sale it was down to £30, which is a much more affordable price to me.

The set includes:

  • “Heel Genius” foot cream
  • “Hand Food” hand lotion
  • “The scrub of your life” shower scrub
  • “The righteous butter” body butter
  • “The righteous butter sun-kissed tint” body lotion
  • “Clean on me” shower gel
  • “Peaches and clean” 4 in 1 deep cleansing milk
  • “Sexy mother pucker” lip gloss
  • “Thick and Fast” Mascara

“The righteous butter sun-kissed tint” body lotion

Being far too excited to try everything, the first thing I used was the sun-kissed tint body lotion. As a pale and freckly woman, I am used to looking a ravishing shade of pink in the summer months and a ghostly shade of white in the winter months; but this lotion added an instant tan to my skin after one application. I tried it on my arms first, being sceptical about my sometimes sensitive skin, and the colour change was instantly noticeable to me. Even my boyfriend said I had a more vaguely normal colour to my arms instead of my usual Addams Family vibe.

Not only did my skin look sun-kissed but it also smelt great, which is one thing I have always disliked about other brands of self-tanning lotions; the smell just reminds of bodybuilding shows. (Background info: my uncle is a bodybuilder and has put on a few of his own shows. They use fake tan to make their muscles become more defined and in some cases hide their tattoos) I’m not usually the type of girl to go and get a fake tan but this product is definitely going to be used again, most likely in the summer when all my friends are turning golden brown and I’m stuck redder than a lobster. Annoyingly though, being a girl without experience in the tanning field, I don’t own a mitt to use when applying the lotion so I ended up with bright orange hands. Luckily, the lotion washes off as soon as it mixes with water which is lovely. So no rough scrubbing if it all goes wrong!

“Clean on me” shower gel

Being a lazy girl who is forever torn between watching another episode of Prison Break on Netflix and having a shower, it is really hard for me to justify spending more than £2 on a branded shower gel or lotion. However, the “clean on me” shower gel that came in the gift set has such a nice smell to it that I decided it may be worth my time. The scent of the shower gel, though I can’t quite place it, reminds me of the early 00s and the summer holidays I used to take as a child. It’s a strange comparison to make, but it really does and this is nothing to complain about.

The shower gel is great on my skin; makes it really soft after every use; and doesn’t flare up my eczema, which is a bonus for me. I genuinely feel extra clean after using this product, bearing in mind that I only use two pumps of the product each time. Two pumps are more than enough to cover my whole body once it has lathered up. The product comes in a 500ml bottle which I can guarantee will last me a good few months so the extra money I would spend on this product on its own is worth it.

“Sexy Mother Pucker” Lip-gloss

I was really looking forward to trying this lip-gloss because the nude colour and quality had caught my eye in the past. Sadly, the two or three times I have tried to use the product my lips have ended up stinging and feeling like they’re going numb after five minutes so I’ve never worn it out the house. This may be because I’ve constantly had chapped lips this winter, or there is a chemical in the product that my skin just doesn’t agree with. That being said, the colour is wonderful and I’d definitely purchase it in another brand. Another good point about the lip-gloss is that it smells so strongly of chocolate.

“Heel Genius” Foot Cream

My word do I hate my feet and the dry skin I have on them, blaming that one on you mum. I have tried and tested product after product and yet my heels still end up as dry as the Sahara desert. The foot cream by Soap and Glory is wonderful, except for the fact that it makes me feel like my feet are constantly sweaty. I’ve managed to remember to put it on almost every night before bed since buying the gift set, like the directions recommend, but I always seem to wake up in the morning with what feels like sweaty feet. The products’ directions say to wear socks overnight to let the product soak in and work its magic, so maybe I’m using too much of it before putting my socks on, or maybe I just have odd feet? It is probably a little bit of both. But I won’t slate the product completely; I have noticed that the heels of my feet are not as dry or hard as they once were.

“The righteous butter” body butter

I use this product after every single bath and shower that I have now for two reasons. Number 1: it makes my skin feels twice as soft and soaks up all the moisture in my skin. Number 2: it smells amazing. This body butter contains Shea butter and Aloe Vera making it perfect for dry skin and soaking up moisture. The product just smells clean and adds to that cleansed feeling unlike other brands that can make your skin feel heavy and oily again. I’ve used this product almost every day for an entire month and not once have I not enjoyed the softness it leaves on my skin. I use the product all over, from my shoulders down to my feet, and there is nowhere that this product doesn’t make feel extra soft. It’s easy to apply and the effects last all day long without having to reapply.

“Peaches and Clean” 4-in-1 Deep Cleansing Milk

Without being snobby, I have never really had to use moisturisers or deep cleansing products on my face before because I’ve never really had a problem with my skin bar a few small breakouts. However, the product interested me from the start so I had to try it out. I received one as a Christmas present from my Aunt and when I saw it was in the gift set too, I was more than pleased. The Cleansing milk works really well and I’ve used it both in the morning before University or work and in the evening after a long day wearing makeup. Makeup seems to just come off my skin when I use it and I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything, especially not foundation and concealer.

I use the product in conjunction with Nivea’s Oil free moisturising day cream and my skin is smoother than ever. I’ve not breakout since. When I use it in the morning, before applying makeup, it feels as though it creates a nice clean base layer on my skin so that when it comes to washing the makeup off at the end of the day it is a much easier task. I’m often quite forgetful at taking my makeup off before I sleep, especially after a social or GNO, so the cleansing milk comes in handy for me. I’ve used it three to four times a week (I’m useless at having a daily routine) and my skin constantly feels smooth. My boyfriend is now constantly telling me what lovely skin I have because of using the product.

“Hand food” Hand Lotion

I work in an environment where my hands are constantly coming into contact with different cleaning chemicals and being washed, so the hand lotion from this gift set really comes in handy to have on me at all times. The eczema on my hands can really flare up when I wash my hands too much and this causes them to crack so I’ve always had to have hand lotion or moisturiser on me. This product does exactly what I need it to do. During a normal working day for me, let’s say a Saturday shift which lasts around 7 hours, I will use this product before going to work then again on my lunch break and then again once I’ve finished. This method really works for me and keeps them soft all day and they haven’t cracked once, yet.

The lotion contains Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Marshmallow; so not only does it smell nice but it’s really great at keeping the moisture in my hands without making them feel oily and sweaty. The warning on the bottle says to not use on irritated or damaged skin, but so far I have ignored that and been okay, but I wouldn’t suggest it for anyone else whose skin may be more sensitive than mine.

“Thick and Fast” Mascara in Black

Like any girl, I love my makeup and my mascara is a must for all of my different looks. (I say different looks but I really mean heavy cat-eye eyeliner and varying colours of lipsticks) I’ve never tried false eyelashes, so having a mascara that makes my lashes look fuller and longer is crucial for me.  The Soap and Glory Mascara reminded me of a cheap beauty store brand I’d buy when I was low on money but desperately needed it.  However, I was pleasantly surprised when I used it.

Despite the slight clumping to begin with; this mascara made my eyelashes look thicker and definitely a little bit longer. It wasn’t “fast” to apply as I had to try and sort out the clumps of eyelashes that had managed to get caught together but I blame that on me not being used to the type of brush rather than the makeup itself. It is definitely a product I’m going to keep on me for a rainy day when I run out of my favourite mascara.

“The scrub of your life” shower scrub

This shower scrub is perfect for when I’ve been cooking greasy burgers at work for hours and I want to make myself feel extra clean. The smell is the same as the “clean on me” shower gel so I enjoy using it and it definitely makes me feel clean. A small 5 pence piece size amount is enough to cover my whole body once it has lathered up and I can really feel the scrub picking up all the pieces of dirt and grease that have landed on me during my work day. However, due to my love for the main shower gel I haven’t had the chance to use this product more so I can’t really say much else about it. Maybe time will tell and it will become my new favourite.

Overall, the gift set was definitely a great buy for me. There are many products the I will continue to buy once they’ve run out and I’ve definitely found a company whose products agree with my sensitive skin and eczema. Soap and Glory, you have won me over.


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