20 things I realised when I turned 20

Turning 20 was a big deal for me. For me, like many, it was the end of my childhood and the realisation that the real world is out there and its getting closer. Here’s what I realised in my first month of being 20.

1) You will feel old, even though you’re still technically pretty young.

You’ve not reached 21 yet, but the sudden realisation that you’re going to be 30 in the next 10 years hits pretty hard.


2) You’re friends will suddenly start talking about who is going to be the first one to get married and have kids.

You all deny that it would be you, but secretly you’re hoping it is you.


3) You mum will complain about how old she feels because her child has turned 20.

For all parents, it’s scary when a child reaches a significant age; 16, 18, 21 etc…


4) You will one day have to work Monday to Friday, and possibly weekends, and most definitely work overtime.

For the majority of 20 year-olds’ who are at uni, this is a scary concept. We’re just not ready to give up our Wednesday night socials yet.


5) You will have to start taking down your posters in your room.

If, like me, you adored Kerrang posters and had them covering every inch of your wall; taking them down and getting rid of them if a hard task. My walls just look bare without them. (Good thing I have some Game of Thrones ones to replace them.)


6) Your friends will start wanting to do ‘mature’ things.

Like going to a wine or cocktail bar rather than sitting in Wetherspoons enjoying a cheap pint. The rapid change just isn’t okay. However, a cheap glass of Wetherspoons ‘finest’ wine is still adored on a regular basis.


7) Nightclubs you used to enjoy now seem to be full of children and you feel disgusted that you’re there there.

No 20-year-old should feel old in a club but when you think that the people in there are at least 2 years below you it makes it hard to not feel disgusting.


8) People will start expecting you to know what you’re plans for the next 5 years will be.

Yet, in reality, I’m still not quite sure what I’m having for dinner or what underwear I’m wearing today let alone what I’m going to do in 5 years time.


9) Money will go a lot faster.

You suddenly start to save up for things like holidays and moving out, which means spending less on treating yourself and getting drunk.


10) You will wish you still 18

And you will wish that you could experience the last two years all over again.


11) You start to wonder if you chose the right degree to study.

(Well, if you went to uni ) You’ll wonder if you’ve got yourself into debt for nothing but it’s too far gone to drop out now!

anigif_enhanced-7402-1430096048-2 (1)

12) You suddenly realise you cannot live with you parents forever.

I mean cheap rent (well no rent for me), free food and not being asked to do very much? It’s the ideal life.


13) You’ll want to make your ‘look’ more mature and sophisticated.

But you’re not yet ready to let go of that style you spent so many teenage years perfecting and arguing with your parents over telling them ‘its not a phase!’


14) You’ll want to redecorate your room.

Even though you only use the room to hibernate from your family and sleep, it still needs a makeover from your teenage years.


15) Getting drunk on a Tuesday night isn’t a good idea.

Let’s be honest, was it ever a good idea?


16) A lie-in now only lasts to sometime between 8am – 9:30am

Long gone are the days where you slept till 2pm and then ventured out for a mid-afternoon snack, there are things to be done!


17) You will suddenly decide to go on a diet.

Mostly because you feel like the amount of alcohol and dominoes you’ve eaten over the last few years is finally catching up with you.


18) You will want to spend more time with your family

Just because you’re trying to butter them up to let you stay at home for a few more years. But also because you actually get along with them now, and no longer fight over “wanting to wear those bright green skinny jeans because it’s who you are”.


19) Alongside that, your mum will become your best friend.

You will realise that she has always just wanted the best for you and she gives the best advice, and knows how to shop way better than you do!


20)  Ultimately you learn that the only thing that changed is your outlook on life.

You reach 20 and panic, then go into a frenzy thinking you should become a mature adult and do mature things. But in reality, you’re still a kid who needs a little guidance and some motherly love. You’ll get there eventually and in your own time. So for now I, personally, am going to continue to enjoy Wetherspoon Tuesdays but drinking wine instead because hey I’m 20 and I’m classy now.


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