Wilko 95p range

So being a student who, despite working a part-time job, doesn’t have that much money throughout the month I have started looking around for cheaper options for hair and beauty products.

I’ve tried supermarket own brand products, that cost anywhere between 60p to £2. When it comes to body wash and soap, I’m not usually too bothered about the brand just as long as it does then job and makes me feel clean. But when I came across Wilko’s 95p range I couldn’t help myself and had to see if it was worth it. The range includes shower gel, body scrub, hand wash, hand lotion, face mask, lip balm, body butter, bath bombs, creams, oils, body sprays, shampoo and conditioner. Even if you brought one of each product you would have only spent £12.35, that’s about the price you could pay for one bottle of semi-decent shampoo.


So far I have purchased body scrub and a face mask. I got myself two different scents for the body scrub; one Rhubarb and Vanilla and one Passion fruit and Watermelon. I also got my face mask in the Passion Fruit scent.

The Rhubarb and Vanilla scented scrub is to die for. It smells absolutely beautiful. It’s bright pink and the exfoliating particles within it looks like bits of glitter, so it’s the perfect item for a girly shower. The product itself comes in a 250ml bottle, which for 95p isn’t a bad size at all. When I first used it I had to use a fair amount to get it lather up well. But even with that, I couldn’t deny how soft my skin felt just after one wash. The product doesn’t have the horrible rough black exfoliating bits like most scrubs contain so you’re not left with bits at the bottom of your shower. Instead the white particles seem to dissolve in the water quite quickly. Perfect if you’re not up for cleaning your shower after every time you wash! The same can be said for the Passion fruit and Watermelon scent, its the same product just with a different scent. I cannot complain.


The face mask however, I’m not such a fan of. Being only 95p and a 20g container, I was skeptical of whether or not this product would actually work well. I used the face mask about 3 times before I threw it out. The product smells nice but within 5 minutes of having it on, my face was burning so much I had to take it off. This happened pretty much every time. I thought it was just my sensitive skin which is why I tried it a further two times just to make sure, but speaking to a few friends who also tried it, the same thing seemed to happen to them.


I think it’s fair to say as fair as body wash goes, Wilko seem to be doing a good job but maybe they should leave the face mask to the professional brands. You can find the range in-store scent-coordinated or on their website under the items itself or the brand name ‘fruits’.

Have you used any of the range? Tell me what you think in the comment box below.


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