Oil Pulling – does it really work?

So I decided that I would try out another craze that’s seem to hit the social media sites. This one I’m more on board with. It’s called Oil Pulling and it supposedly gives you whiter teeth and a healthier mouth in general. So of course I was all for trying that out. Being a person who has never has the whitest teeth in the world (blame that on the addiction to tea) I thought it would be a fun little challenge for myself.

The idea is that you put the coconut oil into your mouth and swirl it around for about 5 to 20 minutes and it gets rid of all the bad bacteria you miss when brushing and in the process brightens your teeth. Teeth whitening with a natural substance can’t be that bad can it?


The brand that I have decided to try out is Cocowhite. I did my research before beginning on this 14 day challenge and made sure that the product was worth the money is was paying for it. On their site you can buy a 14 sachet packet for about £20, that seemed okay with me. So here I am and I’m doing the Cocowhite Oil Pulling challenge. I brought myself the assorted flavours packets which included all three flavours they provide – minty fresh, vanilla swirl and light lemon. (Currently not a fan of the vanilla.) I decided that I would do one sachet every night for a fortnight and see the results then. They say you can either do it once a day for two weeks or twice a day for a week and still get excellent results. Being a bit skeptical of whether or not I could do it, I decided once a day for two weeks was the better option for me. home-slider-slide-2

On my first day I was scared, I had never done any teeth whitening before so I didn’t know what to expect. The starting texture of the oil is hard but it does soon loosen up whilst you’re swirling it. I’m surprised I didn’t heave or throw up. The oil starts to build up after a while because of all the bacteria that it is picking up into it. But so far, it seemed okay; except I had started with the vanilla flavour and the original taste was okay but after a while it tasted like nothing. I managed to swirl the oil for exactly 15 minutes without any problems.

By the time I got to day 4, I felt like a pro at it. A full 15 minutes seemed like nothing. (Except for day 3, but that’s because I felt ill beforehand but I still managed the full time) The vanilla flavour saw me through the first four days and I must say I got used to it by the end. It starts as this off taste vanilla but you get used to it. It would still have to be my least favourite out of the three though, but that is all down to personal preference.

The first week looked pretty good from the results I had already got. (Picture below) My teeth were definitely whiter and my mouth felt healthier. So far so good! However, after the first week I started to slack doing it every night. I ended up missing days and forgetting to do it . So in the end I started doubling up and doing it twice a day for three days just to make sure I got to the end.

Day 1 to Day 7

The last flavour I tried was Minty Fresh, definitely the strongest tasting of them all and definitely my favourite. Twice-a-day with minty fresh was easier said than done! After nearly two weeks of oil pulling, it was starting to become something natural to me. The whole concept of it and noticing that it made my teeth whiter through each photo I took made it a lot easier to continue with.

Overall, I think I’m going to continue to use Cocowhite and continue to do oil pulling because it really does work. I won’t be using it continuously forever because I don’t think I could do this every single day. But I will be buying myself a box of the minty fresh sachets in the near future to do a second 14 day challenge.

Day 14

Find out the full facts and more information on http://www.cocowhite.com/


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