Another Spider-Man reboot

Once again, it’s time for Spider-Man fans across the world to get excited because we are getting another reboot of the comic book character. Once owned by Sony, Spider-Man is moving over to Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is good right? Of course it is.

Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) already own the rights to movies like Iron Man, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and Guardians of the Galaxy; and we all love those films right? I know I certainly do. I can’t get enough of The Avengers and I’m super pumped for it’s sequel to come out but that’s not the topic on hand here.

Honestly, I love the movies Sony made for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, all except the heartbreaking moment of watching Gwen Stacy (played by Emma Stone) fall to her death. (Sorry for the spoiler but it did come out nearly a year ago.) That moment really broke me, though I will admit I had already spent the majority of the film crying over her breakup to Peter Parker aka Spider-Man.

I know not everyone was a fan of Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man, but I was and not only for his looks. When I was a young girl I was never truly into comic books and action movies, I was definitely trying too hard to be the girly-girl I completely wasn’t. But when I sat down and watched all these films that I’d missed in my childhood years, I fell in love instantly. So the creation of The Amazing Spider-Man films made me fall in love all over again. I have never cried so much over a movie that wasn’t a chick-flick until I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2, screw you for giving me that many feels Sony.

Even though the original 2002 movie adaption of Spider-Man is the reason I started enjoying action movies, it just didn’t add up to what The Amazing Spider-Man had. But again I could be biased on this topic because I am a massive fan of Emma Stone and adore everything she’s been in (except movie 43, that was shockingly bad). The original Spider-Man just didn’t feel me with all the excitement I wanted from a movie and I truly hope that the new reboot from MCU brings out that excitement like The Amazing Spider-Man did.

I’m can’t wait to see what MCU do with this reboot of Spider-Man. The idea of seeing Spider-Man on the same screen as Thor and Captain America is enough to have any girl weak at the knees. The beauty will just be too much, and of course the films will (hopefully) be great too. I promise I’m not just in it for the attractive males.

MCU do us proud like you always have done.

Sincerely, excitemed Marvel fan.

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